Paperless Imaging Services can provide Bates numbering as an integral part of our document scanning and litigation support services according to your specifications.

Bates Numbering

Bates numbering (also known as Bates stamping Bates branding or Bates coding) is used in the legal profession to place identifying numbers and/or date/time-marks on images and documents as they are scanned or processed during the discovery stage of preparations for trial.

Bates numbering is commonly used as an organizational method to label and identify legal documents. During the discovery phase of litigation, a large number of documents might necessitate the use of unique identifiers for each page of each document for reference and retrieval. Bates numbering assigns an arbitrary unique identifier to each page. Such "numbering" may be solely numeric or may contain a combination of letters and numbers (alphanumeric). There is no standard method for numbering documents.