Paperless Imaging Services Online Library includes the design and implementation of a cost-effective online document based system to maintain a law firm's vital case documents at our servers utilizing online document management applications. Our clients can institute a search and retrieval process using established search techniques 24/7. Paperless provides all the required management, infrastructure and support. You access your Library via Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. All data is protected by logons and passwords. All transmissions from our servers are via SSL (Secure Socket Layer.) Numerous options exist for the full utilization of your Library.

  • Paperless Imaging Services can scan, OCR, index and load your files for your immediate access
  • You can do your own scanning and indexing at your office and upload the files for our OCR and loading to your Library
  • Paperless can provide scanning services and our client can provide their own indexing and cataloging.

An online library system can be quickly developed and implemented to provide prompt access to needed documents. We set up a "pilot" library in a few days. Our clients can see the effectiveness of this document management system first-hand.