Document scanning and conversion

Paperless Imaging Services extensive experience in document scanning means unrivaled quality leading to the best OCR and text mining. Our 20 plus years experience in the scanning hundreds of thousands of paper documents for litigating clients has enabled Paperless' management to fine tune the process.

For you this means you can read the handwritten notations, the colored pen marks and even the onion skins and degraded photocopies. Nothing is missed.

On site capabilities include high speed scanners and an experienced staff who will treat your documents with the care and confidentiality required in the legal community. Today's advanced electronic document imaging systems and customized workstations provide significant advantages and savings over traditional document storage. Electronic documents can be organized and manipulated quickly and efficiently. Multiple users can simultaneously access the same document without costly reproductions. Add to this the ability to transport and store a hard drive, DVD or small set of CD-ROMs instead of truckloads of paper documents and your savings are increased.

Whatever your support needs, you can count on Paperless Imaging Services to provide you with high quality, responsible and dedicated performance. Call 800-889-8944 for more information.