Microfiche Scanning

Microfilm is highly reduced pictures of documents on film. When many pictures appear on an index-card size sheet, it is called microfiche.

Many older corporations have vast archives of microfilm. As documents aged and were no longer accessed frequently, space could be reduced by filming and then discarding the originals. In libraries, very old, valuable, or fragile documents are often microfilmed to provide public access without risk to the originals. The government uses microfiche in many of their records departments, providing a quick way to duplicate and reference important documents.

Paperless Press supports scanners that can transform microfiche into digital form, just like scanning paper documents.

Paperless Press can provide microfiche scanning to create a digital library with all of the advantages of storing documents electronically. The scanned images can then be indexed and treated in the same way as scanned paper, with images and retrieval software delivered on a CD, or just as raw images to be imported into another document management system.

Our sophisticated scanning equipment can convert all types of microfilm including:

· 16mm and 35mm rollfilm
· 16mm and 35mm jackets
· COM microfiche
· Aperture cards

We can produce digital images from microfilm in many different formats, including PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF and many others including the newest format standards like JPEG2000 and MrSID. We are able to deliver images via our secured FTP site, CD, DVD, or in cases of on-site scanning, direct file transfer.